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  • Best Solid Wood Queen Platform Bed Review Under $200

    A well-designed bed is an assurance of good sleep and the addition of modernity, beauty, and style to the bedroom. People spend most of their lives in the bedroom; therefore, it must be made up to standard and be aesthetic. This is mostly achieved by the modern wood platform beds that have stability, storage, affordability, and style benefits. Wood is the most customary material for making platform beds, especially the bed frames. Wood gives the natural and warm look to the bedroom and has various benefits such as low maintenance, durability, and versatility. Read more How to Choose the Best Queen Platform Bed with Storage and Headboard

    Best solid wood queen platform beds

    1) Zinus Joseph Modern Studio 6Inch Queen Platform Low Profile Bedframe

    [Blockierte Grafik: https://i.imgur.com/UUez0sB.jpg]

    For $157, this modern and unique platform bed has cross-sectional wooden slats for a great support. You can opt for the tall versions if you want storage space since the bed has a high-profile height of eighteen inches. The mattress of choice is well-supported by the slats and a tape that is foam-padded on the base.


    • Simple, modern, and unique style.
    • Effortless to put together.
    • It is a super sturdy bed.

    2) Mellow 12 inches Classic Solid Wood Queen Platform Bedframe

    This wooden platform bed for $170 is a safe bet if you are going for a more natural and traditional look. Its wooden slats give cross-sectional support, encased with a solid wood base that is further non-slip tapped to ensure that they don’t shift or make any noise. This bed has a frame of twelve inches, and it can accommodate up to one thousand pounds. It is available in different woods such as cherry, espresso, pine, and antique espresso.


    • Very easy to assemble.
    • Great support.
    • Pure and natural look.

    3) Zizin Queen Size Bedframe Platform Base

    For maximum support of weight capacity of up to three thousand pounds, this $116 simple platform bed is a great choice. This bed protects your floor with a distinctive anti-slip design, which also averts too much noise. This bed boasts of a height of fourteen inches and allows a clearance of twelve inches for you to store your items. The mattress has cross-sectional support from the slats.


    • Providence of maximum support.
    • Allowance for storage underneath.
    • Well-built and quality frame.

    4) Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Queen Platform Bed

    This wood platform bed is very pocket-friendly and shines in its simplicity. This deluxe platform bed boasts of its versatility and sturdiness from its slats 2.5 inches apart to give the mattress exceptional support and protection from damage. For additional support, there is inclusive of two legs in the middle. Its height of twelve inches allows clearance underneath for you to store your items to eliminate bedroom clutter. Its simplicity allows it to blend in with any bedroom style, which makes it an excellent choice for a quality bed.


    • Great support from the slats.
    • Very affordable price.
    • Versatile and straightforward look.
    • Effortless to assemble.

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    5) Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Queen Platform Bed

    The Zinus line has another affordable platform bed built from thick wooden slats that offer full support. This bed infuses modern style, and elegance from its modern faux upholstered headboard-thickly padded-to enhance relaxation and comfort. For extra support, the bed comes with a middle leg. Putting it together is effortless since it approximately takes less than an hour.


    • The elegant and stylish faux leather finish adds style to the room.
    • Assurance of a five-year warranty.
    • Assembling is easy.
    • Has a moderate price.
    • Offers excellent support from the wooden slats.

    6) South Shore Canyon Platform Bedset

    The bed accentuates the contemporary décor of a room as it has edgy angles and minimal yet detailed design. With the right bedding and bedroom style, the deep chocolate laminate finishing of the platform bed is greatly enhanced and blends with the bedroom décor. The wooden slats offer great support with additional center support. An exciting feature of this bed is that it has an elective nightstand and chest.


    • Assures durability and stability.
    • It is easy to put together.
    • Enhanced safety from the soft edges and rounded corners.
    • Maximum support from the wide wooden slats and center support.

    7) DHP Maven Upholstered Platform Bed

    [Blockierte Grafik: https://i.imgur.com/Q53sVlj.jpg]

    With an aspect of modern simplicity, this $198 platform bed from the Dorel Home Product adds an attractive and sophisticated design to your bedroom. It is built with bentwood slats for excellent mattress support and has a robust wooden frame that offers maximum comfort.


    • Inclusive of a low-profile design.
    • Thick bentwood slats for maximum support.
    • The modern and sophisticated look gives the room an attractive look.


    Wooden platform beds have continuously proved to be of distinct quality, and therefore they greatly influenced one’s decision. This is because of the substantial support provided and guarantees longer years of use. With this wooden platform bed queen, there is no worry of rust and is easy to clean and maintain. Firmly, the above-listed beds have attractive features that benefit buyers and go for reasonable prices. Therefore, what would hold you from choosing a quality bed from the above list, that stays within your budget?