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  • SkateAdvisors is a blog about skateboarding for skating lovers from all over the world. The articles vary in many categories, such as Tips & Tricks, General tutorials, Skateboard Purpose, Buying Guide, Review, and Accessories.

    With such various content, SkateAdvisors promises to offer you the best chance to learn about skateboarding. They include background knowledge, helpful skateboarding tips, guides on choosing skateboard products, etc!!.

    No matter if you're a novice or experienced skateboarder, what we have right here is all you need.

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    Who founded Skateadvisors?

    SkateAdvisors first appeared on August 16, 2018, with the first articles by the author Robert Parker. Robert shared that he had a strong passion for skateboarding for years and even spent much of his life skateboarding.

    The more he practices skateboarding, the better he plays, and the more he loves this sport. Since he realized skateboarding grows on him day by day, he decided to found SkateAdvisors to share his knowledge and inspiration with skate enthusiasts

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    SkateAdvisors' vision and mission

    Skateboarding is an energetic sport for people of all ages. SkateAdvisors can bring you the secrets you need to master this sport even if you are a beginner.

    One thing for sure is that any of you here, like us, have the same passion for this exciting sport. Luckily, we soon found this pleasure a few years ago through the thrills of skateboarding and its techniques.

    Like other sports, skateboarding requires enthusiasm and dedication to improve your skills and become the winner. Once you reach the goal, you will make it come true. And if you don't know where to begin, SkateAdvisor is willing to help you!

    You can feel free to explore any knowledge related to skateboarding, from valuable tips for beginners, reliable skateboarding brands and products, as well as essential tricks to learn!

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    We believe that any of us can be skilled skateboarders and even become professionals in this sport. Skateboarding is not just a hobby, and you can make a living from what you love!

    If you need support, we're eager to stand by you. Here we deliver all the necessary information so that you can pursue your dream!

    What would you like to get from us? What kind of skateboard will suit your needs? A skateboard for kids, skateboard for beginners, skateboard for tricks, or even best cruiser skateboard? The best tricks to show off your friends? Whatever you're looking for, we have all of them!

    Furthermore, we published many articles related to longboards, such as longboard tips, general guides, and buying guides.

    All you have to do now is to read our articles here. Rest assured that we always try to write everything in detail so that you and other beginners will not feel confused or discouraged after reading.

    Our team at always stands by you and supports you in your skateboarding journey. So don't despair when you stumble.

    Skate Advisors' achievements

    After a long time working, SkateAdvisors proudly reach over 30,000 organic visits per month, with many keywords ranking at the top of Google. At the same time, we keep developing and updating many articles about skateboarding, which provide readers with a wealth of helpful skateboarding information.

    SkateAdvisors is proud to be a place where global skateboarders can visit and enjoy their joys. You can even discover new strategies to practice and develop your hobby day by day!

    If you join us, you will not regret taking the time to read our well-rounded articles and guides.

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    SkateAdvisors is always willing to listen to our readers. If you have any ideas about skateboarding that we haven't mentioned before, please contact us. We welcome all forms of our readers, which will contribute a lot to building the largest community of skateboarders online.

    You can trust any products and items you find on SkateAdvisor since they are all from our experience and objective judgment.

    Contact us using the website's contact form, and our team will get back to you as soon as we can. Everything is possible when you're a member of the community.

    Grab your favorite skateboard and enjoy your time using the knowledge you've gained from this page!

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